Terms Of Use

Terms of Use: Moon Babe's IG Training.


By checking the box next to this Terms of Use, and clicking the “Purchase” button, you, the purchaser of the Moon Babe's IG training outlined below (hereinafter “you” or “Client”) agree and willingly purchase entry into this program to be provided with services rendered by Josefine Nordin (hereinafter “Josefine Nordin” or “Moon Babe”), and you agree you are voluntarily entering into a legally binding Agreement with Josefine nordin, inclusive of the following terms and conditions mutually agreed upon: 


For good and valuable consideration of ninety-nine Swedish krona (99 SEK) Client is electing to purchase the Moon Babe's IG Training . In exchange, Josefine nordin agrees to provide the services outlined in the Program Details below, and Program Outline Addendum attached hereto:


Program outline:

1. Client agrees and understands that he/she is purchasing the Moon Babe's IG Training by Josefine Nordin, a monthly custom made program designed to show others how to grow and monetize their Instagram® accounts. Created by IG-building expert, Josefine Nordin, and the babes behind Moon Babe. Whether you’re a social media pro or just starting out, Moon Babe's IG Training will cover the primary strategies Josefine Nordin has used in order to hit their social media goals.


2. Client acknowledges that he/she has read the Program Outline Addendum and conducted any additional research necessary to feel he/she understands what is being provided in Moon Babe's Instagram Training as well as what is not included. Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined herein, as well as the general policies and procedures that can be found in this Agreement and on Moon Babe's website.  


If at any time Client is found to be disruptive, making disparaging or defamatory comments about Program, Moon Babe, or Josefine, or otherwise negatively impacting Program for others and hindering or distracting other Clients from their own success, Moon Babe reserves the right to remove such Client, without refund. Client understands this, and knows this is a risk if he/she elects to act in such an inappropriate manner. Client agrees this is a suitable remedy and action should he/she act in any of the ways outlined above. 

Non- disclosure

  1. Client understands that one of the primary elements in purchasing Moon Babe's IG training and learning from Josefine Nordin is the benefit of obtaining expert guidance, teachings, materials, and exercises that have given Moon Babe and Josefine Nordin its massive social media following. Following Client’s participation in this program, Client will have gained access to various trade secrets and personal intellectual property of Josefine Nordin, including but not limited to materials such as verbal advice, mindset guidance, written templates, modules, technical information, business advice, and/or other information that may have become available for use through Client’s participation in Moon Babe's IG Training. Client understands and acknowledges that this information is not to be openly shared with others who have not participated in Moon Babe's IG training, without permission from Moon Babe or Josefine Nordin personally. 

  2. ​Client agrees not to share, copy, or distribute any documents or other proprietary information obtained through Moon Babes IG Training, and agrees that he or she will be in violation of these Terms of Use if he or she uses any of the Content outlined as his/her own material, or repurposes and uses the Content in his/her own business as a product or service being offered for sale, without express written permission of Josefine Nordin. 


  1. Client understands and agrees that any and all commentary provided on public social media profiles including those belonging to Moon Babe may be published and used as testimonials by Josefine Nordin. Client gives Josefine Nordin a non-exclusive license to use the copy as written on the social media profile, in the email, or otherwise, and repost on Moon Babes social media channels, in advertisements for Moon Babe's IG Training, or other similar channels for the specific purpose of promoting and showcasing client results. 

  2. If Client chooses to write about positive experiences in Moon Babe's IG Training, Client understands the material, along with Client’s name and other identifying information, will likely be published on Moon Babe's website, social media, or otherwise. No payment or additional services will be provided in return for Testimonial, and Client understands he or she is granting Moon Babe an unlimited, irrevocable license in perpetuity to use, publish, distribute, or repurpose any information provided to Moon Babe as part of a Testimonial. 


Payment and Payment Plan

Client understands the cost of the program is payable in full which Client will select at the time of purchase: 

  1. A one-time payment of ninety-nine Swedish Krona (99 SEK) payable up front, in full; 

  2. Client understands if this payment plan option is selected, content will be dripped out over the full one (1) month. 

  3. Client agrees to render payment via credit card on Moon Babe sales and checkout page for Moon Babe's IG Training. Client understands he/she is responsible for the full payment and agrees to pay the sum requested electronically, via Moon Babe's website or a designated third-party payment processor of Moon Babes choosing, in full. 

Refund Policy 

Moon Babe wants you to be satisfied with your purchase, but also wants you to give your best effort to apply all the strategies in the Moon Babe IG Training course. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within the first fourteen (14) days, Moon Babe may, in its sole and exclusive discretion, offer a 14-day refund to those who submit sufficient proof they gave the course an honest effort, and it did not work for them. 

To discuss a refund, contact Moon Babe support team at hi@moonbabe.se within 14 days of the date in which Moon Babe's IG Training was purchased. You must include evidence with your refund request that all available modules and workbooks have been completed, and the methods taught within Moon Babe's IG Training have been implemented. If you request a refund and do not include your coursework, you will not be granted a refund, and will not be granted an extension should the 14 day timeline run out while the incomplete refund request is pending.